What to Bring to the Ranch

During your stay at the Ranch, there is a wide range of activities that require essential items to help your stay be more comfortable.

Must Haves:
-Riding Boots (slip on preferred)
-Long John’s / Tights for cold weather
-Long Sleeved Shirts
-Lined Jacket
-Jeans that are just snug, and 2-3 inches too long. Wrangler and Roper brands are great choices
-Gloves (wool gloves work best for the cold)
-Bug Spray

-Hiking Boots
-Tennis Shoes
-Over the calf boot socks
-Sports bras
-Sweatshirts / Sweatpants
-Hat with brim & stampede strings
-Slip on shoes for after activities
-Bathing Suit (towels provided)
-Rain gear
-Sunglasses / RX glasses
-Contacts / contact solution
-Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, brush, comb, chapstick, lotion, powder, deodorant, razor blades, dental floss, hair elastics, shampoo, rinse, etc.)
-Pen / Paper
-Cameral / Film
-Laundry Bag
– *Allergic to Bee’s? Bring your Epi Pen

Provided at the Ranch
-Hair Dryers
-Saddle Bags
-Water for your water bottle
-Laundry facilities

Available in Gift Shop
-Rain gear
-Disposable camera
-Water bottles